Retreats are offered periodically in California, Hawaii and elsewhere by invitation.

Qigong in Paradise – Kona, Hawaii

Qigong retreats are for anyone who wants to transform their awareness to greater wellness and happiness. Everyone is welcome to attend retreats regardless of physical condition. For maximum benefit, come with an open mind, an open heart and a willingness to learn. Even if you are not feeling well, you are encouraged to attend if possible. You may sit or lie down (even sleep) at anytime. Retreats are a place for finding support, compassion, joy, playfulness, peace, wisdom, harmony and balance. One of the greatest benefits in attending a retreat is the opportunity to connect deeply with the amplified pure qi created during the strongly focussed group practices.
“Absolutely fantastic! The retreat was well organized, flowed perfectly, wonderful people. Martha and Leonard are so kind, thoughtful and hospitable. Qigong is a powerful practice of connecting to energy inside and out. I feel energized, relaxed, strong, balanced, grounded. Qi is flowing . . . all is well. Heart is full of love for Hawaii and gratitude for Leonard and Martha. Feel full of information and am excited about continuing practice of qigong to improve and maintain wellness. Being in Hawaii made the experience so special, with the spirit of aloha all around.” —W.S., Encinitas, CA
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