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Welcome New Teacher Suzy Sisler

I am so happy and grateful to have completed the Zhineng Qigong for Life Teacher Training Program with Martha Blane. It was a journey, sometimes difficult but always rewarding. But what in life that is of value is not? What started out in 2016 as an opportunity to learn more about qigong has blossomed into a pathway for me to lifelong wellness and sharing qigong with anyone who asks. It has been a mirror for me to look at my self, my reference systems, my beliefs and what is truly important to me. I have been challenged to test and question, to stick it out through a number of 100-day gongs, and make an effort to adjust my perception of myself and the world around me.  And because of that, things have shifted over time and I have grown.

I want to thank Martha for her perseverance and not giving up when it was tough and believing in me. You are the light. I want to thank my teacher training classmates Mary Pleil, Gabriela Flores and Wendy Stark for walking this path alongside me. And I want to acknowledge all my qigong brothers, sisters and teachers who have inspired me along the way. This Zhineng Teacher Training enabled me to become a Level 2 Qigong Instructor with the National Qigong Association, for which I am grateful.

I have come from a family of teachers, so the role of teaching comes naturally to me in some respects. I am a lifelong student and love to share what I can with others. I have served many behind a styling chair for over 44 years as a hairdresser, so being of service, listening and caring for others, is second nature to me. There is a saying that you often see in a salon, maybe on a break room chalkboard or taped inside of a stylist’s cabinet door that says “Love what you do. Love who you do it with. Love who you do it for.” I have done that and look forward to continuing in that way into the future. I will be hanging up my shears and tint brush in July of this year and look forward to being of service, by sharing the transformative power and practice of qigong.

What has added so much depth to my personal practice of qigong and Tai Chi Ch’uan, as well as to my teaching, is learning about and practicing the Zhineng Qigong Healing Methods. I look forward to the prospect of teaching and healing into old age! My goal is to share the richness and benefits of qigong with as many people as I can. I want to set an example as someone who is just a normal human who has achieved extraordinary powers of perception, self-healing and wisdom, due to daily commitment to practice, lifestyle and mindset. Which, by the way, is not a super human set of abilities; it is simply a choice that we all can achieve. The power is in nature and our connection to it. The power is within you. It is your ability to touch into nature and the qi field that is ever present, everywhere; the key is awareness. That is ultimately what I want to teach.

 I slept and dreamed that life was all joy.

 I woke and saw that life is all service.

I served and saw that service is joy. ~ Kahlil Gibran

In my own way, I am helping the world to be a healthier place; qigong practice by qigong practice, healing by healing, shared word and a hug. By doing so, my hope is that the connections of energy created will help to make the world a more relaxed and connected home for all beings.

Suzy Sisler





  1. So Lovey you are in body mind and spirit, your dance with all is conscious drenched in the nectar of qi with space for grace, kindness, and the simple beauty of qi. Congrats and shine on as you continue in your creations and service. We are all students and teachers humble to the ever expansive qi. Thank you for your awakened choice in directing your qi to share and serve.

    • Thank you Sunney,
      You are an inspiration and a ray of sunshine. I feel so blessed that our paths have crossed and that we walk
      side by side for a way on this pathway of life.

  2. Congratulations Suzy! Zhineng Qigong is such a profound gift to the world. It’s an honor and a privilege to hold the torch for others to discover the exquisiteness of presence and consciousness that lies within us all. May you be blessed a thousand fold for every effort you make to be of service.
    Hao La!

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