This page is for students who want to become familiar with or review the basics of our qigong system.

You will also be introduced to this information during qigong classes, workshops and retreats. Below are several links for you to peruse.

It is not necessary to memorize or fully understand the information now. As you practice it will become more meaningful.

• This handout will be a good refresher of basic anatomy, particularly the location of  your vital organs.

• Learning the locations of the energy gates will help you to understand how qi flows within you.

• You can learn the breathing exercises with this video so you can get started practicing right away or review the methods anytime you like. Here are written instructions as well.

Please visit our online store for more video and audio instructional materials.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Abundant Qi Blessings,
Martha Blane