Thank you so much for your wisdom, clarity and unconditional loving. I leave every practice or workshop wiser, more peaceful and fulfilled. Your beautiful zen studio and grounds provide the perfect retreat setting for deep reflection and exchanging energy with nature. In gratitude,” —C. F., Health and Wellness Coach
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Aloha Martha, Thank you for a wonderful workshop on Saturday. I am delighted to have learned these series of healing meditative poses. They are easy enough that I have the stamina and energy to do them and most importantly that each routine gave me new energy, a calming of my mind and centeredness. I could profoundly feel the chi coming into my body, radiating throughout my body, and holding it there. Thank you very much. I’ll look forward to my next class with you.” —T. M. Hawaii
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The first time I practiced qigong with Martha, the shift I felt inside my body was startling. Immediately, I experienced a deep sense of calm, as if my body could finally take a breathe and let go. Within the sanctuary of Martha’s studio, and the graceful expertise of her teaching, I feel held, nurtured. As I’ve continued to practice, each time, I’m reminded of the power of qigong. My body opens, expands, like I’m touching a universe I know is there but cannot see. Patterns break apart that hold me back. Then, I feel home. Grounded. A precious peace.” —J. M., Author, San Diego
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I am noticing that my thinking and organizational skills, deeply affected by fibromyalgia, are improving very much along with everything else through Qi Gong. I have opted for Qi Gong as my therapy and it is working extremely well. Pain and fatigue are reduced by about 80% after 7 months of daily practice. I feel that I am reversing the disease by one year for every month of Qi Gong. The treatment is easy, costs virtually nothing, and is entirely self-regulated. It benefits the body, the mind and the emotions. An all-in-one . . . this is an immensely affordable way to experience one of the most healing, relaxing, and spiritually expanding events a person can have here on Earth!” —M.T., South Kona, Hawaii
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I have been a yoga practitioner for more than 30 years and have been teaching yoga for 10 years. Since discovering qigong (and Martha!) almost a year ago, my personal practice has shifted as well as my teaching. I feel more centered and grounded. My poses feel more aligned to allow the optimal flow of qi and release blockages in the mind and body.

I feel I am teaching from a more authentic place, my heart. I attribute this to being able to experience the alignment between my true nature and the Nature of the universe and all living things. The breathing exercises in qigong (ZBE) are more effective to me than any pranayama practice I have done in yoga. And I am able to practice consistently each day without resistance. What a blessing!” —W. S., Yoga Teacher, Encinitas, CA

W.S. Yoga Teacher