Wendy Stark’s Effortless Qigong Haiku

During our Hawaii retreat in November students were given the option of writing daily haiku. The purpose was to help in connecting with the earth, sky and ocean all round us. Writing haiku supported us in noticing the natural world while also simultaneously opening us to our inner nature/landscape.

This process deeply resonated with long-time student Wendy Stark. My heart was touched when I read her abundant haiku, so much so that I wanted to share them.

Thank you Wendy for these haiku that so clearly illustrate the connection between qigong philosophy, nature and ourselves.

This is how she described her process:

“I really appreciated the “assignment” you suggested…it has helped me tap into my creativity, allowing me to enjoy writing poetry while practicing brevity! During the process of composing these 3 lines consisting of 17 syllables, I connect to a thought/energy about the benefits of qigong or being in Nature and that brings me back to the present moment where I effortlessly receive nourishing qi! I find the words just flow freely when I can relax and expand simultaneously.”


Waves  crash into cliffs
Clear blue water, sunshine mind
Boundless energy

Trusting the process
The path is everywhere
What will today bring?

Relax and expand
Entering the qigong state
Where magic happens

Tune into Nature
Blue sky above earth below
Simple suggestions

Grateful for this day
Connecting growing swimming
Qi is plentiful

Island energy
Earth and water together
Soothes my seeking soul

Sunrise on the bay
Looking for dolphins today
Alone and at peace

A good intention
Rest in natural great peace
May we all feel it

Breathing at lagoon
Water earth and sky so clear
All is welcome here

Sunlight on water
Breezes create patterning
Sparkling energy

Resolving fear in kidneys

Acceptance in heart
Releasing anxiety
Moment to moment

Trusting the process
Healing happens with practice
Life force energy

Mindful of each step
Present moment wonderful moment
Mindful of each breath

Everything changes
Practicing non-attachment
Paying attention

Contentment within
Mindfulness in each moment
Beginning again

Sensations inside
Resting attention on breath
Butterfly lightness

Tingling vibration
Energy moving inside
Open to receive

Following my breath
Connecting to this moment
Opening the door

Insight and balance
Being present with the Now
Healthy engagement

Paying attention
Compassionate awareness
Residing inside

Connecting to source
Flow of life force energy
Wellness and healing