Meet Vicki Pilling: A Life Changing Practice

A Teacher,

They come,
They go,
Then never know,
But they do change you.”

This 7th grade student was forever changed after writing this simple yet profound message. He had found his voice in the written word.  What a gift. Yes, I know that this was written many moons ago yet, this poem resonates with me each and every day. Since each day we have an opportunity to interact with others in simple and profound ways by sharing our energy.

I have meditated formally or through prayer since a young child. One day while strolling our country road I came across our amazing neighbors Martha and Leonard. Martha invited me to one of her classes. My heart opened as we hugged one another while I made the commitment to open my heart to the practice of qigong. I have been attending Martha’s classes for nearly a year as often as I can. I look forward to immersing myself into the qi field of Martha’s qigong sanctuary.

Since adding qigong to my life I have endured one of the most challenging chapters of my life.  People who do not know me intimately would never know that I have experienced profound loss over the last 9 months.  Qigong, meditation, prayer practice,  exercise with healthy eating and rest gave way to spiritual  gifts life-force energy which filled me with gratitude, inner peace and a sense of calm. I find myself cherishing even the smallest moment with a pause and celebration! For this practice I am grateful beyond words.

Others have noticed my more relaxed (vs Type A~getter-done) personality as I have gracefully navigated the daily stressors.  Colleagues, students, friends, family and even my husband have begun to comment. They have shared things such as, “You are so calm amongst this chaos” or “Wow you handled that with such grace and dignity”  or “You have given me the greatest gift. The gift of listening to be heard and understood.”  Lastly, my husband who has always been skeptical of mysterious new ideas, recently shared with Martha that he is going to participate in her class!  Miracles come through the flow of qi.

My classroom will be forever changed with “breathing like a baby” practice with the understanding that anyone can take a break whenever they need to realign their being which will allow them to be their most successful self. Academics and social-emotional skills have shifted in such a positive way with the introduction of a few simple techniques! I hear children support one another by saying things such as, “It sounds like a few deep breaths might help us” or “You may not know it yet, but you will. Give yourself a chance.”

May we all be open to qi as we practice bringing the force of nature into our being.