Meet Suzy Sisler: I See Energy in Everything

Learning is a lifetime adventure. I think being in the place of student and teacher is an important awareness I have on my pathway. I have spent my whole life, thus far, learning and practicing the skills and knowledge that bring me to this present moment.

The practice of Tai Chi, Stillness Meditation, Healing and the awareness of vibrations come to mind as practices that have impacted my life greatly.  As does the study of comparative religions and the development of respect and understanding of the Golden Tread of Truth that runs through all religions of man.

Qigong is one of the most profound systems that I have practiced. I am currently doing a double 100-day gong. In the morning I do lift qi up pour qi down form starting with organizing the qi field and the 8 verses. Then I do my meditation practice.  In the evening, I do qigong breathing exercises and head massage and end with conserving qi and the mantra. I then take 10 or 15 minutes to relax into a still meditation.

This 100-day gong is really impacting my perception and my health in many ways that I had not expected. I am more easy going now, I don’t judge or jump to conclusions as easily. I’ll wait calmly for others to pass, knowing that I will get there in time and on time… no worries, be happy!

I am fascinated at the miracle of qi reactions and how my body and mind feel as I commit to this amount of practice. I see energy in everything and can reach out and touch it with a thought.

I am a hairdresser by trade now for 42 years and am working on winding down that career over the next couple of years. The salon is a great qi laboratory! I get confirmation every day from people asking, “What’s different?” or “Have I ever told you how much I appreciate your gentle touch?”

I hope to be able to share qigong with others as I progress to bring more health and harmony to those around me. I am so grateful to Martha for her giving heart and all of the wonderful men and women in our classes who have embraced me and made me feel part of a very special group of human beings. You all rock and I appreciate and support you on your pathway in life.