Sandy Jackson: Quietness & Ease

I started attending qigong classes with Martha 4-5 years ago, thinking it would be a nice alternative/adjunct to my yoga practice. And it is. I must say the beginning wasn’t exactly stellar! It was a challenge learning the form. Being the type of person who likes precise instruction, it was a little too ‘loose’ for my ‘striving addicted’ Western mind. But I stuck with it and now 5 years later I am still discovering how beneficial ‘loose’ can be, and how striving can create turmoil in my life. In the beginning it was enough for me to come to class and have Martha lead me and the others through LQUPQD. Then there was an internal shift and I really wanted to ’get’ qigong. I began a more consistent home practice, attended qigong immersions and brought more consciousness and awareness to the practice. Along the way I completed a 100-day gong with LQUPQD practice and am currently more than halfway through a 100-day gong with ZBE practice. The benefits have been subtle and profound. There is a quietness and ease in my everyday life. At first I would look at the clock and see how much I could get done and how fast. Now I do my practice and everything falls into place as it needs to. And sometimes things just don’t need to! My massage practice has benefitted also. Slowing down has allowed me to become more attuned to and curious about what is under my hands. A longtime client said recently, ‘Your hands are so relaxed’. Music to my ears! Sharing before and after class offers another level of understanding. Martha’s insights and responses to questions open up other channels of thought and inquiry. There is always more . . . Qigong has become an important part of my life. It helps sustain me mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I know the more I practice the more benefits I will reap. Many thanks to Martha and Leonard for creating a special qi place for all of us.