Meet Robin Mayfield: Qigong as Inner Feng Shui

This month we are delighted to have Robin Mayfield share her qigong journey with us. Her words also provide us with clear insights into the many possibilities the practice can awaken within us. It has been a true delight seeing Robin’s bright smile in classes, workshops and retreats over the years. Her joyful openness and curiosity are inspiring. Robin’s message: Qigong continues to empower me with a way to live my life with more peace and harmony. I have been a student of qigong for over 5 years, including the last 3 years with Qigong For Life with Martha. Originally, I was looking for a practice that would improve my bone density and balance as well as provide deep relaxation for better sleep. Having been a long-time meditator and previous yoga student, I enjoyed mind-body exercises and was open to experiencing qigong. During my first class, I felt energy pulsing throughout my body which left me feeling quite relaxed. This experience prompted me to start my first 100-day gong soon after.

Within a short time I began to notice how much better I was sleeping and also felt more peace because I was much less affected by my daily stress. Then I started to study with Martha 3 years ago and really began to enjoy more of the benefits I had read about, including a trust of all things happening in perfect order, an awareness of how healing happens the body, and how to stay more present. In addition to the physical and emotional benefits of qigong I found a new connection to a special community of kindred qigong sisters and brothers that enlarges the qi field as well as enriches my life. Circle walking is one of my favorite practices, either within a group or by myself. I am so grateful to Martha for providing such rich experiences, qigong wisdom and opportunities to grow. As a feng shui consultant I’ve always been sensitive to environments and have known that our environments reflect our consciousness.  It was during circle walking at one of Martha’s retreats that I realized the connection between qigong and feng shui which continues to inspire me.

As the saying goes, ‘As within, so without.’ For me, qigong has become a form of ‘inner feng shui’ on many levels by bringing a peaceful balance of energy to our inner lives. It mimics how feng shui can bring peace and balance to our physical lives through environments. I love this energy connection. The more I practice qigong, the more I realize how I have only scratched the surface of the powerful layered benefits and possibilities this lifelong practice can offer. I am grateful for blessings that qigong continues to bring me including our sweet qigong community and Martha for her wisdom and radiant awareness that continues to inspire to me.

Robin has helped enhance many aspects of the Elfin Forest Qigong Studio, for which we are grateful.  To enhance your home & landscape with vitality and good feng shui, you may contact Robin at Feng Shui Today (760)522-5237.