Qigong Dovetails Beautifully With My Work

This month we are delighted to have Nancy Brady share her qigong journey with us. It is always a joy to see her smiling face in our practice sessions. We deeply appreciate her grounded presence and wisdom. Nancy’s Message: My Qigong practice began 20 years ago in a little white church in South Pasadena, California. The teacher and students spoke Chinese. I learned by following the movements of the others and by receiving firm brisk taps on my back when I needed to drop my shoulders, tuck my tailbone, or especially when I needed to stop thinking and just relax. Though I do not remember that first teacher’s name or what style we practiced, Qigong always felt, and continues to feel enriching, as if my whole being is immersed in delicious aliveness. Over the years, I engaged in further study with Chinese and Tibetan Qigong teachers. The practice always supported my peace of mind and health. I also trained in a full spectrum of somatic wellness systems, contemplative traditions, and personal and interpersonal growth systems with respected teachers and healers from many countries. This paved a journey into my heart and opened me to the work I now do which is supporting individuals to embody and express from their vast inner healing intelligence and creative potential. Qigong is my moving meditation practice and continues to be a vital part of my life.

I feel so very grateful for Martha and her loving way of sharing the practice of Qigong that dovetails beautifully with my work! (Martha and Nancy will be co-facilitating a workshop on December 5th at the Elfin Forest Qigong Studio [more info in future newsletter]. Nancy’s work and the qigong teachings are mutually supportive in awakening greater consciousness. They both focus on deepening our experience in the present moment, allowing for acceptance of whatever arises and cultivating compassion.) More About Nancy’s Work: “The pillars of my work are presence, focus and a ground of compassionate acceptance. This work is uniquely differentiated from most healing and growth modalities that you might find in the marketplace today because I provide an attuned space where both of us can connect deeply with your body to support greater wellbeing from a foundation of deep acceptance, not lack or need. Time, experience, grounded insight and deeply rooted personal change have demonstrated to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that body sensations and pain are signals from our life force (qi), which is trying to expand as energetic strength, health and improved circumstances. Formerly abandoned, unmatured somatic energies from earlier in life are aching to evolve from how they are stuck, into the potential they can be. My work is a radical invitation to become present, aware, more authentically alive and consciously embodied. It honors both our wholeness and our humanness.” You can visit Nancy’s website to learn more about her heart-awakening, life-affirming work and to schedule a free 20 minute consultation. http://nancybrady.com