How I Found The Treasure

I am happy to share with you how I found the treasure, this pearl called qigong. My journey began with pain. I had suffered for a long time with fibromyalgia and was essentially desperate to find something that could be administered at will to relieve my dis-ease, to balance something that was terribly out of balance; to find calm, peace, joy, and yes, energy again.

About six years ago, I noticed one of Martha’s early pamphlets, simple, in black and white, yet rich with information spelled out in a siren’s song. I read that the Zhineng Breathing Exercises bring oxygen to the microcirculatory system. This sounded exactly like the healing method I was searching for. I was right. Not only has qigong practice soothed the inflammation of the fibromyalgia, it played a key role, each and every day in my recent and miraculous recovery from cancer. The practice not only speeded up my healing, but imparted a sterling quality to my health, giving me resilience. There was a noticeable attendant change in my mood, the subtle energy forming my paradigm, the lens through which I view the world.

Qigong breathing relaxes me, soothes my thinking, and brings me peace with hope. When I practice, I am reconnected with a belief in myself and my environment. I encounter the assurance of a clear connection to the Source, that radiant force sustaining life from the invisible world. The practice has helped me to be patient with myself and tolerant of others.

Daily practice of the breathing exercise also gives me inspiration. Recently I published my first book, Eyes of a Valley Girl, Part I, and at present, I am writing Part II. Qigong helps my perceptions to remain clear about the characters, telling the story of heartbreak and alcoholism, while staying on message about healing and hope, the all-encompassing energy of the Universe, which is Love. I appreciate that Martha supports my writing project and asked me to share the link to my book and website; I invite you to visit www.valleygirlpublishing.comand to blog with me there on the Lilly Pad, where I love to talk about qigong.

Through the practice, I consciously enter the qi field and connect with a family linked over, under, and through geo-political barriers;  a family tree reaching back in millennia and spiraling into the future, safely together. All the while, our individual souls blossom and express their unique artistry.

Finding the treasure is so simple. Sit down, and breathe a little. Or a lot. Do your qigong and find your immortality. Feel your connection to the Source, the meaning which is Joy. And Love. And Hope. And Wisdom.

Just sit down, and take a couple of breaths.

See you in the qi field, with hearts dancing.

Haola, Haola, Haola

And Aloha,