Meet Marcy Strate: Strong Life Returns

Qigong students sharing their experience is an inspiring way to learn more about the many possible ways that qigong can enhance your life. So we were delighted when Marcy Strate, a longtime qigong student from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, agreed to share some significant aspects of her qigong journey in our newsletter.

It is always a joy to practice with Marcy. She brings a deep sense of relaxation and peace to our group. It is inspiring to witness her ability to navigate the flow of qi. During our times together she has benefited many with her insights:

“I began practicing Qigong with Martha nine years ago. I was in the midst of a serious health challenge, barely able to walk, and my normal yoga practice was out of the question. I knew that I needed to transform my driven, often overwhelming lifestyle if I was to have any quality of life.

When I attended my first classes, I was so weak I could barely hold my arms over my head. I was relieved when Martha suggested I lie down and simply receive healing Qi. I was thrilled at how quickly my strength returned. I was now able to relax into the deep moving meditation practice of LQUPQD. Several of the forms and meditations have been valuable in reclaiming my health. The most transformational practice of all has been the Five Element Circulating Method Meditation. I started with it in the beginning and it remains my favorite practice today.

Zhineng Qigong has continued to be a source of support to me in body, mind and spirit. I am strong, energetic and flexible again. I now operate my life from a relaxed state and still get as much done as I wish to.

Qi is penetrating and effective.

All is well…”