June Western: All Becomes Effortless with Zhineng Qigong

Qigong has been an interest of mine for years. Upon retiring from teaching Holistic Health Studies for over 17 years, I began searching for a qigong teacher and practice that I felt connected to. Previously, I had taught Tai chi along with other levels of somatic work and I continue to study with masters of this field, to include in my private practice. I wanted to include qigong to  further my studies.

After returning home from a fabulous retreat in Costa Rica that included qigong, I decided to look for a teacher to work with. I wanted to expand my knowledge of Zhineng Qigong. I had worked with a few other teachers along the way, but was seeking a teacher I felt connected with to learn on a deeper level.

Martha’s name popped up during a computer search, and things began to happen quickly. I immediately registered and attended Martha’s retreat in Hawaii in 2015 and decided to dive in to the form. I haven’t missed a day of practice since.

Zhineng qigong has made such a difference in my life on many levels. With the consistency of my practice, it is now such a direct line of universal energy that runs through my body, bringing it into a calm and tranquil state. In that state, the universal knowledge and energy is accessible which allows information in, and things become easy and effortless, full of energy for the good of all.

I now experience new and powerful levels of effortless expansiveness. In that state, we can tap into the expansive healing energy to let that flow through our bodies, mind and spirit. All encompassing – opening to transformation.

A noticeable difference occurred just recently. As a major fundraiser for underprivileged children and adults, I headed the coordination of a hugely successful gala event that raised over and above our goal. I attribute my qigong practice to its success and the ease of how it all came together.

The connection to the universal energy has been very useful in every aspect of my life and work. All is effortless as well as magnetic in my daily experiences and I am grateful for it.

In gratitude, love and light and ABUNDANT QI

Anything is POSSIBLE.

June Western, HHP