My Rediscovery of Qigong

I was first introduced to qigong when I was pregnant with my first son; he is now 20 years old! I practiced on and off throughout the years, but my children’s life took over and my personal time became secondary to family. It has taken me many years since that first introduction to return to qigong.

I was delighted and surprised to meet Martha at an expressive arts workshop we both attended, where she lead a meditation to organize the qi field. This meditation sparked a deep memory of previously being in tune with the universal energy. It opened the door for me again to this wonderful spiritual practice.

I started attending her classes and met a loving supportive qigong family that warmly opened the circle to include me. I have felt with them the amazing amplification of our energy while meditating together. This is pure bliss! The more I practice, the more I am able to feel and visualize the qi energy. And having a group to practice with makes everything easier and more joyful.

A month or two into my newly rediscovered practice I fell severely ill. Martha not only sent me a healing meditation to listen to while recovering, she also put me in the qi field of our group to aid my healing. I know their combined support enabled me to connect to the qi field and draw healing from this inextinguishable pure source of life. This connection is now very alive in me. I am forever grateful to my qigong family.

I have learned through qigong to focus my energy better. I can get very distracted which fans away my energy. But I find that if I do qigong on a regular basis, it helps me calm the mind, ease and deepen my breathing, and make my body healthier. In moments of stress or difficult decisions, I go back to these simple and powerful meditations that Martha has taught and shared with me. This is an amazing tool for peace in oneself and for peace in the world!

During my rediscovery of qigong, I became energized to offer healing workshops at my retreat center near La Paz, Mexico. Now is my time to open the doors for others too.

Thank you, qigong family, for re-initiating me into this journey.