Everything is Energy

Qigong students sharing their experience is helpful in learning more about the many possible ways that qigong can enhance your life. This month we are pleased to introduce Elizabeth Root. She has been a qigong student for several years and is a feng sui consultant in Kona, Hawaii. Her words inspire us: “I have known Martha and Leonard for more than 20 years.  Our paths were very different; Martha and Leo were doing martial arts and then qigong, and I was pursuing my own spiritual path. I studied Religious Science and became a Spiritual Practitioner and minister.  Before moving to San Diego I had been a Holistic Health Practitioner and offered energy healing work for many years.  Even though Martha and I were speaking about different things, I began to realize we were just using different words for the same thing. Everything is energy. In February of 2010 I began to have a skin condition on my lower legs. After months of changing my diet and using a standard steroid cream, it wasn’t improving.

I had attended some qigong classes previously, but after returning from my sons wedding in October with red, painful and swollen lower legs I went to the Hawaii retreat.  After practicing qigong for those 5 days I was out of pain and my energy had improved significantly. It was at that retreat that I committed to practicing qigong. Because I was familiar with energy and able to feel and direct it, making the connection with qigong was easy for me. My previous daily practice of meditation and prayer was enhanced with qigong. I found that at times when I wasn’t able to focus and quiet my mind to meditate, qigong gave me that calm, centered place. For months I listened to the Five Element Circulating Method Meditation recording throughout the day during my healing, when I needed to rest. At first it was too painful to stand long enough to do the LQUPQD form. In time, my energy improved and my awareness increased to inform the inner healing taking place. During the transformational process I experienced in those months, qigong gave me the insight and ability to connect deeply within, improved my energy and greatly contributed to my healing. In May of 2011, the physical condition had resolved and I felt like a completely different person. When traveling that summer I realized how free I was. It was like I had been reborn. My awareness was highly increased and expanded, and I rarely reacted emotionally to anything.

Even my son didn’t push my buttons as usual. I was calm, relaxed and in the flow. I have continued to practice regularly and attend many of the workshops.  I was blessed to go to the Lake Arrowhead retreat in June where we created a powerful qi field and connection in a natural setting. As a feng shui practitioner, I use the Chinese 5 elements of fire, wood, earth, metal, and water to bring balance and harmony when designing a home.  Practicing qigong and relating the 5 elements to the body and energy system has enhanced my understanding of them in my work. In these challenging times, my practice supports me to be grounded, calm, flexible and aware.  I highly recommend qigong to bring balance to body, mind and spirit.  I AM VERY GRATEFUL to have been introduced to qigong by Martha and Leo.” Elizabeth has applied her feng shui and design expertise to Martha and Leonard’s home in Hawaii. They highly recommend her. She can be reached through her website: www.interioralchemy.us .