Meet Barry Blackburn: Effortlessly in “The Zone”

Qigong students sharing their experience is an inspiring way to learn more about the many possible ways that qigong can enhance your life. We were delighted to hear about Barry’s experience with his 100-day gong. I found it particularly meaningful as Barry is no stranger to working with qi. He is a serious practitioner of internal arts. His smile says a lot – it is wonderful to have him and his wife Carol in our groups. Here’s Barry’s description:
At the time of this writing I am on the 90th day of a 100-day “gong”, consisting of a daily Zhineng Breathing and Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down practice.  As a 15 year serious Tai Chi Chu’an student, I have noticed a couple of effects of this gong:
  • When practicing a Tai Chi form, I find myself being almost effortlessly in “the zone”, where intention leads chi, bodily movements follow chi, and where “moving stillness” can be experienced.
  • Tai Chi “postures” have associated with them one of two qualities -either expanding or condensing.  The expanding and condensing (e.g., “puuussshh” and “puuulll”), that are a big component of Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down and other practices in this system, have helped me to more easily express the quality of a particular posture.
All in all I have found this practice to have a beneficial effect on my other “internal arts” practices